Get ready to set up highest frequency and blazing CPU performance powered with Hyper-threading technology.

Dedicated IP
Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Full Root Access
SSD Disk Drives
SSD-Only Cloud
100 MB/S Network
100 MB/S Network



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Plan vCPU RAM SSD Storage Bandwidth Price
VPS 1 1 vCPU 512MB 20GB 750GB $10.00/moOn sale - Save 50% ORDER
VPS 2 1 vCPU 1GB 30GB 1TB $15.00/moOn sale - Save 50% ORDER
VPS 3 2 vCPU 2GB 40GB 1TB $30.00/moOn sale - Save 50% ORDER
VPS 4 3 vCPU 3GB 60GB 3TB $60.00/moOn sale - Save 50% ORDER
VPS 5 4 vCPU 4GB 80GB 4TB $80.00/moOn sale - Save 50% ORDER

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When your online business is growing, VPS is the most cost-efficient hosting solution. Stay focused on what's essential for you and let us take care of your infrastructure.


Get an entry level VPS server that’s affordable, but also give superfast performance.

A dedicated public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses will be provided with each plan.

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Software, Hardware, and Network upgrades to make your experience great.

We are using RAID-10 disk protection to make sure that your servers stay up all time without any data loss, even in the event of a total drive failure.

Get your server deployed instantly with Fully setup and ready to boost your website performance.

Advanced Backups for your servers automated daily and weekly. Backed up database can be accessed anytime.


These can be addons or upgrades to your server but not essentials.

SpamExperts is known for its user-friendly email filtering solution. SpamExperts solution allows protecting your account from both incoming and outgoing spam.

Resize your server on demand. Start with small and work your way up to the top. Contact support, We have got all covered.

cPanel is one of the most popular and powerful web hosting control panel to manage hosting account.


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Hey! having queries while choosing a plan is normal, we are here to help.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine that runs an independent copy of an operating system (OS), unlike typical Shared Hosting. environment. VPS is best suitable for website owners who have low to medium level traffic at an affordable rate.
VPS is located in a physical server in a data center and can be operated from a command line (terminal) or from any control panel.

VPS provides you the advantage of guaranteed necessary resources: disk space and memory. There multiple virtual servers can be located on one physical server in the data center. With a VPS, users will get root (SSH) access, which allows users to install any software helpful or mandatory for the management of the website as well as any libraries and other applications needed for users.
On the other hand, websites that are hosted on a Shared Hosting environment have access to a shared pool of server resources available to a single physical or virtual server. Because of the nature of this setup, certain limitations and restrictions apply to the number of resources each user can allocate for a specified period.
The main advantage users choose VPS over Shared Hosting is that it has a dedicated IP address assigned. Which is not shared with other users. Whereas in Shared Hostingmany domains are assigned under one IP address and if one website fails, the whole IP address is added to the blacklist.

A Dedicated server is a physical server with CPU resources that are dedicated and shared with no one else.
A Dedicated server, located in the data center, has fully dedicated CPU cores and memory that are 100% available for single servers and not shared with any other server. Whereas the VPS server is a part of dedicated physical hardware with its operating system and virtual resources like RAM, disk space, and CPU.
In short, Virtual Private Servers share the underlying dedicated physical server with other VPSes despite being fully independent.

Yes, we provide full root access (SSH) for the VPS hosting. However, managing it depends on selecting the virtualization (OpenVZ - Container VPS or KVM based).

Yes, you can always upgrade on downgrade a VPS server base on your requirements. If you're not sure about the right plan for you, we suggest to start small and then upgrade further if needed.
In case you need any assistance, feel free to connect with Create a ticket. or start a Live Chat.
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